How to talk to sons about sex?

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How to talk to sons about sex?

door GinaGercenSooke » ma 12 aug 2019, 13:08

Hi I'm Gina.
I'm mother of two wonderful 10 years sons. Their father has left us 8 years ago.
I have a question, maybe some of you can help me?
At what age should a parent teach their son about ‘sex’ if there is no father around or would it be better for the kid to have a male family member to do this?
It really bothers me because i've found adult magazine in their room today.
Should I talk to them by miself or ask my brother to do it?

Hope someone had the same problem and can advise me anything.
By the way, here is the photo of my sons:
Happy mother of two great sons...
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Re: How to talk to sons about sex?

door Beheerder » ma 19 aug 2019, 14:52

Hi Gina,

Thank you for your question. I hope to give you an appropriate answer. However, I find this difficult because the need for this subject varies per child. There is no fixed age at which children should receive information about sex. You could tell more about it when they get older. If parents have never talked openly about sexuality before that time, it is embarrassing for children if they suddenly do so. So start giving sex education in a timely manner. Talking about sexual arousal is usually discussed later. They probably don't discuss that with you, but with peers. At this age explain the physical changes that await your child during puberty, such as the growth of a beard, pubic hair and their first ejaculation. You can do this as a result of things that you see in the media or that you have experienced yourself. You can also buy a book on this subject. Then you don't have to explain it all yourself. If you still want help on how to start a conversation with your children, you can always call me on 0854014721. Or you can look at


Kind regards,
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